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Boğaziçi Kandilli
H. Aslanoba Mansion

Kandilli / Istanbul

These twin mansions are located in Kandilli, Bosphorus. The mansion on the west consisted of four independent sections. This unique mansion was reconstructed, redesigned and integrated it into a single independent section. Architect Erol Sevimlisoy and Interior Designer (M.A.) / Architect Emrah Sevimlisoy oversaw the project and reintroduced the mansion into the modern world, giving it a new identity.

Architectural Project and Implementation Control Interior Design Project and Implementation Control

04 (1).jpg

The interior design of the mansion uses the colors of Bosphorus.

"Show" kitchen of the mansion is custom-design and Italian handmade.

The view and details of the unique "ART DECO" staircase, with cast iron materials and combination of marble and mirrors...

Wine Cellar has been given a more organic structure with the arches used in old cellars, and unique "tasting" quarters have been designed.

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