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N. Topçuoğlu Mansion

Bebek / Istanbul

Architect Erol Sevimlisoy and Interior Designer (M.A)/Architect Emrah Sevimlisoy conceived the architecture and interior design projects of the mansion located in Bebek, Istanbul, considering its new functions. First, the building was reinforced, then it was reintroduced into Bosphorus with its modern architecture (wooden, exposed concrete-like bay windows) fitting its newly defined identity.

Architectural Project Interior Design Project Implementation Control Interior Design Project • Interior Design Implementation Control Landscaping Implementation Control


Synthesis of wood and exposed concrete with Modern Turkish Architecture...

Natural architectural elements on the exterior facades meeting with "Aesthetic - Elegant" interior design features...

Our custom-made "Flying Stairs" project is made of steel and marble...

The gorgeous Bosphorus view meeting with the modern aesthetic interior design.

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