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Küçük Zarifi Mansıon And Row Mansıons

Tarabya / Istanbul

K. Zarifi Paşa mansion and Row Mansions in the same lot built in the late 18th century were later demolished in the 19th century. These lost historical monuments revived and repurposed to accommodate their authentic and distinguished identity have been reintroduced into the cultural life of Bosphorus, Istanbul.

Building Survey Restitution Reconstruction Project Project Implementation Control Interior Design Implementation Control


View of Küçük Zarifi Mansion from Tarabya Yacht Marina.

To make Row Mansions distinguishable from each other, colors fitting the traditional Bosphorus wooden structure color range have been chosen.  

The traditional Bosphorus wood color "OCHER"...

Itailan Carrara marble pillars typical to Palaces...

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