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Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus Hotel Project

Kuruçeşme / İstanbul

7-Star Mandarin Oriental Hotel, which is located in Kuruçeşme, İstanbul and aimed to enrich contemporary Bosphorus architecture with its eaves, bay windows, wooden shutters and proportionally filled spaces faithful to traditional Bosphorus Civil Architecture, has been designed by Architect Erol SEVİMLİSOY, Architect – Interior Designer Emrah SEVİMLİSOY for Esta Gayrimenkul. 

Concept Project  Architectural Project and Obtaining Legal Permits  Architectural Concept Projects

6 Mandarin Oriental Hotel_ Bosphorus, Is
5 Mandarin Oriental Hotel_ Bosphorus, Is
3 Mandarin Oriental Hotel_ Bosphorus, Is
1 Mandarin Oriental Hotel_ Bosphorus, Is

A synthesis of Traditional Turkish Architecture and Modern Architecture and their fill - space ratios...

Concept Design by: HBA Architecture

The design of the hotel allows seeing the gorgeous Bosphorus view from all fronts apart from the rear one.

Concept Design by: HBA Architecture

Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus Hotel car entrance, where the harmony between the architecture of the Bridge and Hotel has been highlighted

Concept Design by: HBA Architecture

Concept Design by: HBA Architecture

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