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Sabancı Mansion Yeniköy / Istanbul

Located in Boğaziçi Yeniköy, İstanbul, the mansion was built in the early 1900s by Italian architect Paolo Vietti Violi, inspired by Como region in Italy.  The entire architectural features (including its facades, garden, and roof) and interior space of this "ART DECO" mansion having a unique design has been renovated faithfully.

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Our architecture underwent a westernization process triggered by the ART DECO movement. Then the ornament styles, columns, and balconies were influenced by movements such as Neo-classicism.

The building inspired by the architecture style of the Como region in Italy was renovated by Architect Erol Sevimlisoy and Interior Designer (M.A.)/Architect Emrah Sevimlisoy.

Images and details from the lobby of the ART DECO-style mansion renovated by Sevimli Architecture.

Italian vibes in Bosphorus, with its extraordinary garden, docks, terraces, authentic columns... 

Details from the hall after the implementation of our concept project...

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