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Turkish Airlines – Do&Co 6-Star Hotel Project

Boğaziçi / Ortaköy / İstanbul

It includes mixed "Wooden" structures from the late 18th century, with European Facade, Imperial Neo-classical plan and of Turkish Civil Architectural style. The palaces are divided symmetrically into two sections called HAREM and SELAMLIK.


Turkish Airlines and DO&CO Hotel Project Construction site 30.000m². In this project whose Project Owner is Architect Erol Sevimlisoy and Architect / Interior Designer Emrah Sevimlisoy, “Top-down” building model has been used as a project construction system. Within the scope of this 6-star Hotel project, the Palaces are restored and transformed into Hotels.

Architectural Project • Building Survey Restitution Reconstruction Restoration Implementation Control Project Management


Hatice Sultan & Fehime Sultan Palaces “Lighting Concept” project.

The graduations of the ceiling canvases consist of the carved and gilded central platform and rectangular grids surrounding the ceiling and covered densely with oil-paint ornaments.

This Palace reserved by Sultan Abdulhamit for his brother Murat V was given to Hatice Sultan as a wedding gift.

The canvas ceilings are graduated geometrically with carved and gilded panel strips fixed on decorated canvas and wooden boards.

It was commissioned in 1889 by Sultan Abdülhamit for Fehime Sultan, the daughter of Murat V, as a wedding gift.

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